Advancements in Cooling Tower Construction Improves

Advancements in Cooling Tower Construction Improves Pre-Assembled Types in Design, Materials and Efficiency

Prefabricated cooling towers have not generally been the design of choice in the past. Today, replacing an old cooling tower can offer options that might have been dismissed previously. The labor savings over a field erected unit are not new. However, the latest advancements in technology have helped level the ‘field’. Less lead time and build time are some obvious advantages. The latest crossflow designs and advanced drift eliminators which improve efficiency are some of the new technologies in play. Materials such as composites reinforced with fiberglass (FRP) and other new composites are also being used, allowing compact designs and weight savings over old units.

Integral basins can also play a big part in a decision on construction type. On-site construction usually requires a concrete basin as a foundation, while most factory assembled units have a self-contained basin. Some newer designs, however, can be found with no basin, allowing existing basins for field erected units to be used when updating to a newer factory assembled cooling tower systems, thus adding additional savings. Multiple cells can be mounted even be mounted on an existing basin.

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