New Features for Revit 2017

Revit will also have a host of new and updated features for its 2017 iteration.

Draw Visible Elements Only is a subscription feature that was introduced in Revit 2016 and has been improved for 2017. It’s one of several listed optimizations that the company said will “improve overall software performance by as much as 20 percent.” This is done using occlusion culling, which is processing only those items that would be visible in a view when refreshing.Without the need to process hidden items, the model would be more light-weight and would allow for quicker processing.

 Raytracer, which was introduced in Revit 2016 as one of two rendering engines, has become the default visualization engine in Revit 2017, with image-based lighting and video card-agnostic CPU operation to provide photorealistic renderings.

The FormIt 360 Converter is a new tool that comes with Revit and lets users convert FormIt, Revit Families (RFA) and Sketch Up (SKP) files interchangeably.

This tool is part of Revit’s support for IFC4, which is the latest iteration of the international interoperability standard.

Revit 2017 will also install with Autodesk A360 Collaboration for Revit in order to provide access to cloud and subscription services. According to the company, pricing, availability and cloud services will vary by country.

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