New Trends in Plumbing Technology

When you walk into a home improvement store, you probably aren’t immediately struck by the latest, greatest sensation in the plumbing world. However, the past decade has seen such an impressive uptick in plumbing technology and new products that even the homeowner who’s not quick to jump on trends should take note. With so many green, hygienic, and aesthetically pleasing plumbing products than ever before, you may want to consider an update for your Alice, Texas, home.

Touchless Fixtures

Although touchless plumbing fixtures have been the industry standard in commercial construction for some time, they have transitioned to homes only recently. Using a motion sensor, this handy technology makes it simple to turn on the water without actually touching the faucet. They also require less maintenance than traditional valve and faucet systems.

Tankless Water Heaters

Another technology that’s been around for some time but just now starting to appear in the average household is the tankless water heater. These devices use pipes heated with gas or electric burners, to supply a steady, on-demand hot water supply no matter what the temperature is like outside. With the proper anti-scald devices, you’ll have that perfect temperature whenever you use the sink or shower.

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