Revit 2018 Adds New Features for MEP and Structural Engineers

Given that one of BIM’s chief benefits is its ability to enhance collaboration between project stakeholders, it’s of key importance that software platforms cater to the many varied needs of the multiple disciplines involved in the architecture, engineering and construction sector.

With this end in mind, Autodesk has added a slew of news features to its latest version of Revit as part of efforts to improve the multidisciplinary nature of its flagship building information modeling (BIM) platform.

Autodesk has revealed that Revit 2018 contains several new capabilities that cater to architects, MEP engineers and structural engineers specifically, alongside a range of other features designed to enhance the platform’s functionality and ease.

Structural engineers can access new tools and upgraded features for dealing with steel connections and elements, with a view to cutting down on errors and shoring up the accuracy of estimates and detailing.

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