Why did we bother with BIM before BIM?

Moving from a 2D world to 3D can help beat inefficiency traps before adding more value through the BIM process as outlined here by Lee Mullin, Technical Specialist at Autodesk.

Over the last 15 years, BIM has gone from an industry buzzword to a mandated and recommended way of working in an increasing number of countries.The number of BIM enabled practices has been steadily growing, yet survey after survey finds that the overall percentage is still lower than you would imagine given the media buzz.

Of course, we were unaware at the time how integral our software solution would be for BIM use and adoption. Back then, many customers just used our tools as a simple 3D model viewer, allowing the user to explore the model and understand the space it defined.

The use, understanding, and adoption of 3D modelling has rapidly increased in many projects. Today contractors work with a wide variety of information; from full, information rich 3D models, to scanned hand drawn PDFs of electrical plans. I often speak to contractors who worry that those who haven’t adopted new ways of working will be the weakest link in their supply chain.

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