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Introduction to AutoCAD Course

This courses provide students with a basic knowledge of AutoCAD’s interface, menu options, toolbars and operational commands. Courses often include the opportunity for students to observe the execution of professional drafting projects and learn to create their own 2D designs. Basic skills include drawing, editing, layering and plotting. We provide company oriented practical cad drawings for the students. This in turn helps the students to face the industry.

These drawings are used as blueprints to construct products and structures, such as buildings, machinery, toys, microchips, plumbing & electrical systems, vehicles and a host of other manufactured goods.

Suitable for

  • Engineer,
  • Drafter,
  • Estimator,
  • Designer,
  • Modeler,
  • Diploma,
  • 12th student,
  • Architect.

Assumed Skills and Knowledge

Learners are assumed to:

  • Create technical schematics and blueprints for the construction of structures and products.
  • Modify and revise designs to correct operating deficiencies and limit production problems.
  • The best AutoCAD drafters are creative thinkers with an ingrained curiosity for how things work.
  • Are fluent in one or more Autodesk CADD (computer-aided drafting & design) programs.
  • Need strong communication skills to deal with both technical & non-technical employees/clients.
  • Write additional instructions & comments and position them into technical drawings.


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