BIM Modeling MEP Track

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BIM Modeling MEP Track


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is another three-dimensional showing advancement that allows the building specialists of various controls to examine the building venture takingly, before it is collected. BIM can achieve more noteworthy coordination and cooperation among the engineers, architects, developers and fabricators over the development esteem chain.

As a major aspect of a general program to enhance the efficiency of the development business, BCA has figured a five-year intend to move the business towards the across the board reception of BIM.

On completion of the course, Professional will be able to:

  • Apply BIM core concepts, principles and strategies to building projects
  • To educate the participants on issues associated with starting BIM project
  • To provide an understanding of BIM processes and benefits
  • Design building geometry, identify spatial relationships, develop and capture geographic information using BIM
  • Measure quantities and identify properties of building components
  • Perform BIM design development, contract administration and coordination.

Suitable for

  • CAD/BIM Mangers
  • Project Managers
  • Project Coordinators
  • BIM Project Execution Plan
  • Designers, engineers, consultants, and other professionals.

Assumed Skills and Knowledge

  • Utilize the most recent BIM software in: MEP  Engineering
  • Upgrade your design/drafting skills to increase employability
  • Learn AutoCAD
  • Learn 3D Modeling
  • Learn Revit MEP for Architecture and Engineering
  • Learn for Engineering and computer essentials.

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