Fire Fighting Designing & Drafting

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Fire Fighting Designing & Drafting
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Fire Fighting Design and Drafting is an imperative zone where understudies are given an all around data in various domains in Fire Alarm system illustrating, Fire Protection structure arranging, Stair well Pressurization system etc.. The configuration manages fire assurance designing basics, water supply for flame insurance, fire dousing, fire alert frameworks, exceptional inhabitances and perils, and capacity of combustible and unsafe materials.

On completion of the course, Professional will able to:

  • Fundamentals of Fire Safe Building Design
  • Concept for Building Safety
  • Classification of fire
  • Fire Fighting Hydraulic calculation
  • Fire Pump Selection
  • Special Fire Suppression agent and system
  • Portable fire extinguisher
  • Hydrant Systems
  • Fire Alarm System Designing
  • Codes and Standards
  • Involvement and collaboration of architects, developers, building owners and consulting engineers regarding to fire fight design.

Suitable for

  • Diploma and B.E Professional students,
  • Arts & science students,
  • 12th pass students.

Assumed Skills and Knowledge

  • Airport fire fighting.
  • Fire extinguisher training.
  • Fire inspector & instructor.
  • Hazmat Awareness.
  • Incident Commander.
  • Structural Fire Fighting.

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