HVAC Designing & Drafting

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HVAC  Designing & Drafting


Welcome Mechanical Engineers,

We are the main organization who offer HVAC design course. The preparing abilities are exceedingly requested in India and Gulf nations, this course is intended to meet all requirements for universal employments.

Diploma Program covers the basics and specialized angles to the configuration, introduce and keep up systems by using the utilization of required norms.

On completion of the course, HVAC Professional will able to :

  • Ventilation criteria
  • Cooling load calculation
  • Duct system design
  • Classification and selection of air handlers
  • Types of building systems
  • Chilled water piping design
  • Code requirements
  • Comparison of HVAC system and their components
  • Involvement and collaboration of architects, developers, building owners, and consulting engineers regarding HVAC design.

Suitable for

  • Technicians,
  • Engineers,
  • Technical Supervisors,
  • Designers and Integrators and
  •  Involved or related to HVAC system.

Assumed Skills and Knowledge

  • Have work experience or training related to electrical work.
  • Have work experience or training related to safe practices in electrical work.
  • Be able to compute resultant of series and parallel resistances.
  • Be able to compute power, speed, torque, energy and efficiency.

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