Plumbing Designing & Drafting

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Plumbing Designing & Drafting

Plumbing Design & Drafting

The training is designed to provide knowledge and expertise in the Design, Analysis, Installation, Maintenance & Testing of Plumbing Systems per UPC Guidelines. It focuses on fundamentals of Plumbing, Design of Water Distribution System, Design of Drainage Systems, Hot Water Systems, System Sizing & Plumbing Systems Drafting.

On completion of the course, professional will able to:

  • Pressurized water distribution systems
  • Water chemistry and treatment
  • Hot and cold water distribution
  • Valves and fixture
  • Nature gas distribution
  • Stormwater drainage
  • Sanitary waste disposal.

Suitable for

  • Power plants need piping engineers
  • Petro Chemical Complex needs Piping engineers
  • Oil & gas need Piping engineers
  • Offshore Industry needs piping engineers
  • Refinery needs piping engineers.


Assumed Skills and Knowledge

  • Have work experience or training related to plumbing work.
  • Have work experience or training related to safe practices in piping work.
  • Be able to compute resultant of series and parallel resistances.
  • Repairing – Repairing machines or systems using the needed tools.

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